Human movement is our core business – how the body physically adapts to activity of everyday living, working and sport; and how physical activity and exercise can improve malalignments, musculoskeletal injuries and lifestyle diseases.  We have the utmost respect for the human body & salute every individual who improves his / her quality of life by means of movement.  We strongly believe that “Movement is Freedom”.

Associate Werner Meyer completed his honours degrees in both Sport Science and Biokinetics at the University of the Free State – a combination that provides him with expertise in both exercise rehabilitation and sports conditioning programme prescription.  Erna Bruwer completed her honours, masters and doctorate (PhD) in Biokinetics at the North-West University (PUK). Her academic background ensures clinical reasoning and excellence in especially final phase exercise rehabilitation and prevention of sports and orthopedic injuries.


Prevention / Prehabilitation / Final Phase Rehabilitation

Sports Injuries

Musculoskeletal Complaints

(Neck & Back pain / Arthritis / Osteo-arthritis)

Postural Awareness & Control

Post-surgical Rehabilitation

Pilates & Functional Training


Optimal Physical Health & Function

Chronic Conditions (NCDs)

(Heart disease / Metabolic disease / Cancers)

Special Populations

(Geriatrics / Disabled / Parkinson’s)

Weight Loss

Corporate Wellness

Vitality Fitness Assessments

Bestmed Wellness Programmes


Optimal performance

Biomechanical / Functional Assessments

Running Analysis

Individualized Sports Conditioning Programmes

Recovery Practices