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Human movement is our core business – how the body physically adapts to activity of everyday living, working and sport; and how physical activity and exercise can improve malalignments, musculoskeletal injuries and lifestyle diseases.  We have the utmost respect for the human body & salute every individual who improves his / her quality of life by means of movement.  We strongly believe that “Movement is Freedom”.


Prevention / Prehabilitation / Final Phase Rehabilitation

Sports Injuries

Musculoskeletal Complaints

(Neck & Back pain / Arthritis / Osteo-arthritis)

Postural Awareness & Control

Post-surgical Rehabilitation

Pilates & Functional Training


Optimal Physical Health & Function

Chronic Conditions (NCDs)

(Heart disease / Metabolic disease / Cancers)

Special Populations

(Geriatrics / Disabled / Parkinson’s)

Weight Loss

Corporate Wellness

Vitality Fitness Assessments

Bestmed Wellness Programmes


Optimal performance

Biomechanical / Functional Assessments

Running Analysis

Individualized Sports Conditioning Programmes

Recovery Practices